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Metallic Bonding

Imagine metal atoms arranged like chocolates in a box, in neat rows. I cut up a piece of lithium the other day and it was bright and shiny, a usual indicator of neat atomic rows. The electrons are all tightly … Continue reading

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Rutherford Scattering

In about 1900, this is how we thought atoms might look…J J Thomson called this the ‘plum pudding model’. Democritus, the Greek philosopher, is credited with inventing the word ‘atomos’ – Greek for ‘indivisible’. A solid ‘blob’ which couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Easy Electrical Stuff *updated* with new images

If it were possible to connect a voltmeter across the ends of a battery,without any charge passing through either the voltmeter or the battery (it isn’t but nearly), the voltmeter would measure the EMF (electromotive force) of the battery. The … Continue reading

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Electricity For Dummies

Now, boys and girls. I’m going to tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably? ┬áThen I’ll begin. Inside a cell (the thingy you use inside the TV remote to make it go – if there’s two of them then … Continue reading

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