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A Very Simple Treatment of Solar Flux (Radiation Flux)

Let’s assume that the Sun is a point source of radiant energy, which radiates a total power of about 4 x 1026 W into space. This energy is smeared out over a surface area of a sphere 150million km in … Continue reading

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Simple Domain Theory Of Magnetism

It’s no coincidence that the three common magnetic materials, iron, nickel and cobalt  are next to each other in the Periodic Table. This suggests that the number and configuration of their electron structure might be responsible for magnetic behaviour. We … Continue reading

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Background Radiation – a simple overview

Background radiation is all around us. We can do little to avoid it. Most background radiation comes from natural sources, while most artificial radiation comes from medical examinations and industrial processes. Sources of background radiation. Granite – used for house … Continue reading

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The Spectrum of Atomic Hydrogen

In 1900, Max Planck introduced the quantum concept. When an object radiates light, it releases a unit of radiation energy called a photon. In 1913 Niels Bohr suggested that electrons travel in circular orbits around the nucleus. The electron possesses … Continue reading

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Conversion from One Unit to Another

I thought this was worth linking… Length and Distance Converter Weight and Mass Converter Capacity and Volume Converter Time Converter Angle Converter    

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Interference and Diffraction

This looks odd. A football player is kicking balls towards a wall with two gaps in it. Notice how the balls pile up in the net as they go through the two gaps. Click on the link Young’s slit theory … Continue reading

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