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Revision Tips: Periodic Table

This is NOT a substitute for learning, just a few little hints and tips. Groups go DOWN (similar properties), periods go ACROSS (properties change from metal to non-metal) You should be able to draw an electron configuration up to a … Continue reading

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Some Useful Revision: Radioactivity, Electricity, Forces and Motion.

Click   Year_11_Additional_Science_Revision_Notes_WJEC_PDF_format_A4 –  a very useful pdf for anyone needing quick, handy notes from WJEC. Good quality and above all, SHORT.

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Hints and Tips: Getting it Right in Paper 6

READ ALL the question first. You have plenty of time. Imagine the apparatus in front of you. Measurement on-site. Make sure you have a good quality ruler, able to measure accurately to 1mm. Decide where a measurement is to be … Continue reading

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