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Measuring the Acceleration of Free Fall with a Light Gate and Datalogger

A datalogger is a device which collects and processes raw data from sensors such as light gates. This method involves dropping a double interrupt card through a single light gate connected to the logger, as you can see. The logger … Continue reading

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Class problems on projectiles. Worked solutions

Here they are. I’ll leave this up for a few days for everyone to download it. Projectiles class problems solutions

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Year 9 Travel Graphs

Here it is again… Learn the shapes of the graphs, remember gradient of distance/time graph = speed, also velocity / time graph = acceleration. Area underneath speed/time graph = distance travelled. Click on the graphs to make them bigger, sorry … Continue reading

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The Standard Model

The great Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, gave us a model of the atom which we still use today. But, protons neutrons and electrons are not the only particles… The Standard Model explains almost everything about the fundamental structure of matter. … Continue reading

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