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Electromagnetic Induction: Falling Magnets

Imagine dropping a bar magnet vertically through a short fat solenoid connected to a sensitive galvanometer. We drop the magnet from a long way away. As the magnet falls it accelerates, getting closer to the coils, thus inducing an increasing … Continue reading

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Capacitors for IG

The simplest capacitor consists of two metal plates separated by an insulator or dielectric. We can pour + and – charges on to it by connecting the plates to opposite ends of a battery. We usually roll up the layers … Continue reading

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Nobel Physics and the Fate of the Universe

The Nobel Prize for Physics 2011¬†was announced today. Three astrophysicists join a galaxy of numinous people, from Einstein to Heisenberg to Feynman for the big award in physics. They were looking at cosmic lighthouses, distant supernovae – the only objects … Continue reading

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