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IB HL Medical Imaging – More Advanced Newer Techniques

Image intensifier screens (fig below) allow the production of an image changing in real time, which can be advantageous, particularly when used with high contrast material like Ba which shows the passage of barium sulphate through the gut, for example. … Continue reading

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IB Medical Imaging – X rays Basics

    X-rays are produced when charged particles like electrons are accelerated around nuclei. Since they are negatively charged, they are accelerated towards a positive nucleus, emitting as they curve around a ‘braking radiation’ or‘bremsstrahlung’ in German. The degree of ‘bend’ determines … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method

This site is fascinating. It also helps us to answer a few questions about how to do experiments. It’s also about cats.

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Dating Methods

This is a fossil skull of Homo Erectus, found in Africa. How old do you think it might be? Dating geological specimens involves an interdisciplinary approach using more than one dating method and cross-validating the results. Absolute dating methods include … Continue reading

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Galaxies, Clusters and Constellations

A short introduction is attached. This is a vast subject – no pun intended. I have left the wiki links intact so that you can explore further if you like. Click on the link below. Pictured is the impressive M31 … Continue reading

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Answer the Question IB

Originally posted on John Vagabond's Physics and Chemistry Blog:
In the IB papers, you will be asked to answer questions using a particular form of words. ‘Describe’ isn’t the same as ‘explain’, for example. Here’s a list – the…

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