Physics IG and MYP

If you are studying IG physics and you are in Year 9 or above, here is the page where you can download the  Cambridge 2012, 2013 or 2014 syllabus – or everything you need to know. Download the file for your entry year and look for the Contents part, containing Core and Extended. Core is for grades U to C, extended from D to A*. Remember, they’ll ask you questions in different contexts, same stuff, just dressed up differently.

This is a very useful site.  All the past papers you need, plus markschemes

If you are studying MYP – watch this space for details of your own course content


3 Responses to Physics IG and MYP

  1. mona says:

    i need the syllabus for year 9 2010 cause my teacher is giving us some werried things that i need to understand and i cant unless i have the syllabus

    Same as Y9 or 10 last year.

  2. nida says:

    This has helped me understand many things in physics!!!!

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